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Lambda chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon is Kenyon’s oldest fraternity. Since our founding in 1852 we have served as active members of Kenyon’s Greek Community. Over the years hundreds of Lambda Dekes have passed through Kenyon ultimately graduating as “friends from the heart forever.” We strive for excellence in all aspects of college life and take pride in our long history of academic achievement and community service.

Our Goal:
The Cultivation of General Literature and Social Culture, the Advancement and Encouragement of Intellectual Excellence, the Promotion of Honorable Friendship and Useful Citizenship, the Development of a Spirit of Tolerance and Respect for the Rights and Views of Others, the Maintenance of Gentlemanly Dignity, Self-Respect, and Morality in All Circumstances, and the Union of Stout Hearts and Kindred Interests to Secure to Merit its Due Reward.

While we live in the West Wing of Old Kenyon with the Bull’s Eye in room 403 as the center of our group activities, we call the Lodge in Gambier home. The lodge is fraternity property and open only to brothers. Each new member of the fraternity gains access to the Lodge only after they have completed the sacred pledge education process and are initiated as a brother of the fraternity for life.

We stay involved in the Kenyon community by organizing a series of charitable events, hosting social functions, and serving in leadership roles across campus life. At the Shawn Kelly Christmas Party, thrown annually in honor of a deceased brother, Lambda-Dekes provide Christmas presents to hundreds of underprivileged children in Knox County. In addition to the all-campus social functions we host every year in the West Wing Lounge of Old Kenyon, Lambda Dekes can be found across campus participating as Collegiate athletes, members of student government, and even as part of campus bands. We take great pride in our presence across campus life and support our brothers in all of their campus wide efforts.    

active chapter

The Lambda chapter has begun its 165th year on Kenyon’s campus and the active organization remains healthy and unified. Consisting of men from across the country, from Los Angeles to New York, Mexico to DC, the current chapter can be considered one of the most unique and diverse groups of Lambda Dekes in recent history.

On campus, Dekes maintain a high level of involvement in a variety of activities. In athletics, Lambda Dekes have recently been members of varsity baseball, gold, tennis, and track and field teams. Many actives are involved in intramural and club sports. In addition, several active Lambda brothers are proud members of Kenyon’s a cappella groups. Lambda Dekes are leaders on campus, represented currently in Student Council, Greek Council, the Budget and Finance Committee, and various other campus governance and student leadership organizations.

We are also proud to note that the active chapter remains especially dedicated to giving back to the Gambier community. Most notably, Dekes dedicate their time to work with Harcourt Parish, give back to campus employees like Campus Safety, and mentor Knox County youth. Collectively, the active chapter continues to be passionate in addition to hosting their annual service events, the Shawn Kelly Memorial Holiday Benefit and the ALS fundraiser. 2015 marked the 25th year of the Shawn Kelly Memorial Benefit and the actives remain especially committed to continuing the tradition of service.

While the active chapter continues to adapt to Kenyon’s transforming culture, the unique experience of Lambda DKE is kept alive in the West Wing.


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